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An Audience With The Beatles

During 1963/64, a new band consisting of 4 handsome young men from Liverpool were just beginning to break through onto the popular music scene. They were soon to become the biggest music phenomenon the world has ever known.

Paul Berriff, a 16 year old boy with a big passion for photography, took it upon himself to approach the managers of his local theatres - earning himself a place on the much-coveted ‘backstage pass’ lists. Utilising this access to his best advantage, he soon found himself behind the scenes at numerous concerts featuring, among others, The Beatles. Building a good relationship with Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr, Paul captured a unique series of photographs of the Fab Four, both on and off stage.

Photos of The Beatles: At Work and At Play

Late in 2009 and much to his surprise, Paul came across a set of negatives while clearing out his attic; images from his time working with The Beatles. Encapsulating their playful humour and boyish charm, he realised that these candid portraits had never been shared with the millions of Beatles’ fans around the world. Making the decision to remedy this, The Beatles Hidden Gallery was born.

The 38 photographs depicted in this collection are unique for a number of reasons; following their meteoric rise to fame, opportunities to photograph The Beatles became restricted to official photo shoots and just a handful of approved photographers; the often contrived results repeatedly splashed across the media. Until their release in April 2010, these rare pictures, showing The Beatles at both their most natural and most animated, had never been seen before.

For purchasers, the low limited edition numbers and their Fine Arts Trade Guild certification demonstrates the exceptional quality and rare opportunity to invest in a true collector’s piece of Beatles history.

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